Student Employment

This page lists the side jobs I was employed while I was a Postgraduate student (University of Edinburgh) or a student (graduate/undergraduate) at Jacobs University.

01.2008 – 12.2009        School of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh, Demonstrator/Grader for the following 

Numerical methods in computing – responsibilities included supporting the instructor during the lab session by answering student’s questions about numerical methods and general support with MATLAB and grading the exams.

Engineering-1 workshop – this was a transdisciplinary engineering workshop, where I was involved in enabling discussions among the group of students and providing technical support to enable them to present their fact/ideas in the form of posters, reports and presentations (training in scientific communication).

03.2006 – 02.2007       Jacobs University Bremen, Research associate (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter)

Carried out research in the area of interference coordination in self-organising ad hoc wireless network.

During this time, I also lectured the module ‘Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing’ as a part of graduate course ‘Advanced Wireless Communications’ offered by Prof. Harald Haas.

Around this time, I also installed, maintained and provided user support for the group server running apache web server and sub–version (SVN) repository for the Cellular and Wireless Communications (CWC) group. In addition, designed the CWC group web site template using CSS and HTML.


09.2004 – 02.2006       Jacobs University Bremen, Teaching assistant for the following courses

General Electrical Engineering I and II (Sep. 2004 – Feb. 2006) and Microelectronics I (Feb. 2005 – May 2005). Responsibilities included supporting the course instructor by delivering tutorials, preparing homework sheets and solutions, grading quizzes and exams.

07.2005 – 08.2005       Jacobs University Bremen, Student assistant in microelectronics lab
                                 (research lab of Prof. Werner Bergholz)
Investigated methods to enhance overall efficiency of solar cells.
                                 Improved a hardware prototype  to detect impurities in silicon wafers using infra-red light.

06.2004 – 08.2004       Netherlands Foundation for Research in Astronomy, Dwingeloo, Summer student (Internship),
Prepared the radio images of the sky as a part of testing and calibration of the prototype test station of the LOFAR radio telescope.

09.2003 – 05.2004       Jacobs University Bremen, Student assistant in Robotics lab
                                 (research lab of Prof. Andreas Birk)

                                 Assembling and testing of rescue robot circuits.